Police and Fire Surveillance Systems

Our security camera systems are providing police and fire departments with a level of surveillance and monitoring that can not be duplicated with a VHS system.  All recordings are automatically stored digitally with no VHS Tapes!   Video is available to all computers on the network. Video files can be easily duplicated by anyone on the network. There even is a CD-Rom device that can put evidence on a CD-Rom. The files can be played back on any windows computer.

Police officers and firefighters often engage in situations that benefit from physical evidence. INS Police and Fire Surveillance Systems can assist by offering law enforcement video surveillance equipment. Set up covert operations with portable hidden cameras and HD DVRs. Monitor properties at any time with a night vision camera. Choose an indoor or outdoor camera with night vision features to capture suspicious activities in high definition. INS Police and Fire Surveillance Systems provides a variety of easy-to-use cameras and systems with the highest-grade technology to assist in all operations.

INS Surveillance