Types of Cameras

The different types of cameras are plentiful. Surveillance cameras come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. When trying to determine which camera is best for your situation, the following aspects should be considered:

  • Distance from the camera to the desired field of view, or the actual location the camera is viewing/recording.
  • Width of the field of view you’re looking for
  • Lighting changes that occur, or low/high lighting requirements
  • Whether you need color or black and white (B&W works well in low lighting)

INS Surveillance Types of Cameras

Buyers need to consider all of these factors when determining which camera is right for them, because there is simply not a camera that works with every individual circumstance. It is important to evaluate each individual location when deciding to purchase a camera system.

Types of Cameras

Digital IP – specialize in megapixel resolution which results in high quality images

Analog – offers a wide range of the basic security options to meet almost any surveillance need a home or small business

Analog or CCTV w/ DVR Video Surveillance

  • Easy to operate similar to a VCR
  • Poor Image Quality
  • Analog recording resulting in lower quality of images.
  • Analog recording prevents easy searching and tracking.
  • Requires frequent change of cassettes and rewinding. This process is highly inefficient and easily can result in numerous errors.
  • Storage tapes erode over time.
  • Storage is bulky.
  • Impractical to broadcast live images.
  • Only way to add DVR systems is via 16 channel blocks.

IP-Camera Video Surveillance

  • Easy plug and play
  • Higher Image Quality and adjustable frame rate
  • Digital recording does not decrease recording quality over time even with playback
  • Multiple camera operation and addition from one remote location
  • High compression offers easy storage and transfer to numerous forms of media
  • Instantly transmits images to any location in the world through remote or shared viewing via the web
  • Easily encrypt digital images for security. Add updates and extras with simple software upgrades


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