Standard Packages



Built-in Motion Detection
Our DVR system’s motion detector can be configured individually for each camera. Sensitivity and masking area can be adjusted separately according to the environmental condition, thereby providing a reliable and accurate detection.

Triplex Multiplex
View recorded events while still recording live images, replay recorded events in a single or multi screen format onsite or through the internet.

Remote Playback and Monitoring

Our DVR – Series is a true network surveillance system. We offer a wide range of solutions for remote playback and monitoring. Captured images or videos can be easily distributed to any remote location thru LAN/WAN environment or Internet connection.

Smart Recording Technology
Smart Recording Technology automatically distributes needed frame rates to cameras based on alarm or motion detection. This allows for a more efficient way to utilize your DVR resources.

Embedded PTZ Palette

PTZ capable cameras can be controlled directly from DVR surveillance system or any DVR remote view workstation. Intuitive control of movement is available via the embedded control panel on the video display window.

Digital Watermark
The Digital Watermark will check whether the image is originally captured from the DVR system or not. If the captured image has been altered or modified in any way, then the software will indicate that the image has been damaged and it will no longer be used as legitimate evidence.

Audio Recording
With the addition of audio recording, you are now able to record and playback both audio and video at the same time. This gives you a more precise picture of the captured event.

Individual Camera Configuration
Individual camera hue, brightness, and contrast can be controlled independently. Users can even correct these settings while watching recorded playback of captured events.

Our unique web interface allows users to pull up real time and recorded playback through any PC running Internet Explorer and having any level of connection to the Internet. Our system automatically installs all codecs required to run the remote environment, allowing users to simply go to their web address to access the system. Our advanced compression allows for the highest level of quality available while limiting the usage or availability of bandwidth with your internet connection. This feature is second to none in the industry.

DVR View for Win CE PDA Hand Held Systems
Remote live view is possible with a wirelessly connected PDA. Users can monitor any camera running as well as having full control of PTZ cameras.

Stores Events and Logs Under Time and Date
One of the greatest benefits to DVR systems is the ability to have organized archives that can be easily accessed without scanning large amounts of recorded archives. In fact, our DVR has built in object detection allowing the software to search for events of objects that have been stolen or moved. All review of video archive can happen while the system is recording current events. Users can even do this through the internet if off site of the recording unit.

320×240 & 640×480 Resolution With Up To 480 fps
Our DVR system offers the highest resolutions and frame rates available today with commercial rated video recording systems. Users are often amazed at the clarity and precision of the recording system.

Alarm Monitoring Can Contact Telephones / Pagers

Our DVR has the built-in ability to alert the end user of events that have triggered alarms. For example, when motion is detected inside your home or office, the recorder can call or email you a notification or even snapshots of the events that have occurred. This service can be limited to a schedule when it is known that no activity should be occurring in any given zone.

Backup Recordings To An Off Site FTP Server

Images can be automatically copied to a remote FTP server for use in other archiving system or for redundant off site backup of occurrences.

Wavelet & MPEG4 Compression For Better Image Quality
Our DVR system accommodates multiple video formats to allow for integration with other software for use or manipulation of images.

Motion Detection Round-the-Clock or By Schedule
Our DVR system is capable of any combination of event recording and is independent for each camera attached to the system.

Multiple Passwords To View Authorized Cameras
Our DVR system has various levels of secured onsite or remote access allowing for functionality and cameras to be limited on an individual account basis.

Unlimited Users View From Remote Without Taking Extra Bandwidth (LAN)
As multiple users connect to the system for remote view or playback the system will automatically adjust frame rates and quality to provide the best playback within the limitations of the server’s internet connection and the end user’s internet connection. Bandwidth can be limited at the server to prevent flooding on your internet connection or local network.