Home Surveillance Systems

Home Surveillance Systems

Trust INS to install your home system. Home Invasion destroys your sense of privacy and leaves a lingering presence of disgust in what should be the one place in the world you can be completely comfortable. If this is a feeling you would prefer to avoid, then it’s time to invest in a fully functional camera system that not only scares criminals but proves their guilt.

2, 4, 6, 8, or 16-camera systems, Digital Video Recorders that store footage for weeks, cameras built with infrared, dome and bullet styled camera systems, smart phone monitoring, touchscreen television monitoring- our selection of kits will suit any circumstance of your protection and needs.

If you advertise that you have a home security system with 16 cameras to a friend or neighbor, watch how conscious they are on your property thereafter. If you’d prefer to keep your security system a secret, scroll through your footage at the end of the day and check out everything happening in your territory that you never imagined could.

Surveillance camera systems can be simple or elaborate, but ultimately they all serve the same purpose: You and your family’s safety and peace of mind.

INS Home Surveillance SystemsAffordable security for your home
Don’t leave your home’s security to chance. Our home monitoring system provides ultimate coverage at an affordable price, allowing you to monitor and protect your home, family, and property.


INS Home Surveillance SystemsOutdoor cameras with motion
A perfect solution for your home security needs, our indoor and outdoor wireless cameras are up in a snap, with no video cables and no painful set-up woes to worry about. Featuring long-range secure wireless communication, an exclusive built-in automatic infrared camera lens filter with accurate color reproduction night vision, and advanced PIR motion sensors, this is the solution you’ve been looking for.



INS Home Surveillance SystemsAll-in-one monitor and recording solution
Our monitor doubles as an integrated DVR, with SD recording capability of up to 16GB. Plug this system into any power outlet in your home, and you’re set. Multiple recording options allow you to operate manually, only during motion detection, or on a set schedule, with all your recordings conveniently time and date stamped. It’s so easy — just open the box and you’re ready to go!