Government Surveillance Systems

Government Surveillance Systems

Video surveillance is a great security solution for government buildings, facilities and operations. Installing a system of video surveillance system can enhance your existing security systems or help start a comprehensive security solution that can keep your building, employees and records safe.  INS covers many government entities:

  • Police and Fire DepartmentsINS Government Surveillance Systems
  • Jail Cells and Prisons
  • City Building
  • Courthouse
  • Water Treatment Facilities
  • City equipment storage areas
  • Bus Stops
  • Airports
  • City Parks
  • City Swimming Pools
  • Train Stations

INS network video solutions have been successfully implemented in multiple government applications around the area.

Based on open IP standards, INS Government Surveillance Systems offer a cost-efficient and future-proof surveillance platform that easily can be expanded with growing needs. In addition they bring:

  • Reduced investigation costs thanks to high-quality video for quick identification and situation analysis
  • Cost-efficient installation and maintenance
  • Less vandalism and graffiti
  • Immediate Internet/network access to live and recorded images
  • Ease of integration with other IP-based systems