Choosing a Surveillance System

Choosing a Surveillance System

January, 2015

Many features and options are available to you. Let INS direct you to the best system for your needs. With so many options available to you, look to the professionals to explain your choices. The following is a brief explanation of your surveillance system options:

1. Wired vs. Wireless
This one is self explanatory. A wired system is connected to your home or business electrical system. A wireless system works on battery and a wireless signal. Typically, wired systems are more expensive to install and harder to replace. A wireless system is easy to install and tends to be less expensive to purchase and replace.

2. Indoor vs. Outdoor
Watching what is going on inside your home or business is important. But, we also recommend weatherproof outdoor cameras to focus on doors, windows, or other possible points of entry.

3. Virtual Access
Having the ability to view your cameras from anywhere is key. With a surveillance system provided by INS, you will have the ability to view cameras from your smartphone, tablet, or PC via the internet.

4. Types of Cameras
Digital IP Cameras specialize in megapixel resolution which results in high quality images. Analog cameras offer a wide range of the basic security options to meet almost any surveillance need.