For parents, homeowners, pet owners and caregivers, INS SURVEILLANCE has the video monitoring solution that provides a constant pair of eyes on the things you care about most.  Video surveillance provides a peace of mind as it allows you to check in on your home or family, allowing you to keep an eye on the most important things in your busy lives. INS SURVEILLANCE puts you in control, connecting you to multiple cameras with easy to use software for your smartphone, laptop, or television.   INS SURVEILLANCE gives you the confidence to go about your busy day while still being able to keep a watchful eye on all you hold dear.

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For business owners, INS SURVEILLANCE connects you to your entire facility giving you peace of mind as you monitor your operations. With multiple viewing, monitoring and recording options, INS SURVEILLANCE puts you in control of your ability to watch over your business and its functions, creating a security video camera system that works within your property, parameters, and preferences.

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No matter your need, INS SURVEILLANCE has you covered. INS SURVEILLANCE gives you the confidence that every angle of your home, property or business can be covered, and that you can be alerted when you need to be, wherever your busy life takes you.

Commercial Property
Industrial Applications
Research and Quality Control
Restaurants and Retail
Law Enforcement

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